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For a customer in the foodstuffs market we’re looking for:


(Technical) line operators


We’re looking for experienced operators, preferably profiles with experience operating similar machines (packaging, high speed line).

Experience in automated packaging, automated labeling/lid placement/filling/… (high speed lines): it is important to us to know to what extent the machines/lines they have experience with were automated.

Assistant operators who have previously worked with automated machines are eligible.

  • The work is in two shifts (6am-2pm and 2pm-10pm).
  • Logical reasoning is very important here.
  • ANTICIPATING outages and being able to respond accordingly
  • Must have a proactive and motivated attitude.

€14.15 + PP (0.59) starting wage, negotiable based on experience. (An experienced line operator may very well be offered a starting wage of €16.80)

Assistent operators: €13.91 + PP

The experience and knowledge below are definite pros:

  • Experience with automated, high speed packaging lines: materials are deposited into pots automatically in our system (so not manually), lids and labels are placed automatically, and packaging of the output is robot-automated
  • Top-seal-machines (PET packaging using sealing films): knowledge of swapping out sealing films, ensuring that the film is placed on the pot at the right temperature, so it does not crumple, …
  • Vacuum-sealing
  • Gassing
  • Automatic weighing during filling: setting the requested quantity of materials, frequency of vibratory feeders (for products with a tendency to roll, for example, vibration should be lower than for tomatoes or cheese, which tend to stick more), checkweigher, tapenade pumps, packaging robots (brand Kuka) …
  • Oil dosage: after filling with the material, an extra pot of sunflower oil is sometimes poured over tomatoes or olives
  • Automatic labelling: Three per line  under label, side label, top label: label must always be placed neatly in the centre of the pot
  • Expiry date-printing: this is also done automatically, expiry date has to be readable, placed in the middle of the printing area, and, of course, has to be the correct expiry date (set in the computer and sent to the line)
  • Packaging robots (of the Kuka brand) at the end of the line
  • Metal detection
  • Capacity to convert lines yourself for handling the right pot!


Our lines are highly automated, which means logical insight is required! The more automated the lines, the more work evolves around setting parameters, solving small malfunctions,  etc.

Onze lijnen zeer sterk geautomatiseerd wat maakt dat er een logisch inzicht nodig is.
Hoe sterker geautomatiseerd de lijnen zijn, hoe meer instellen van parameters, oplossen van kleine storingen.

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